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What NOT to include in your relationship evidence: #5 Cheesy Romantic Stuff (and Nothing Else)


Let’s face it: it’s kind of weird to have to prove on paper that you have a real marriage. We all see collection of evidence on crime drama TV shows, and it almost feels like you’re doing the same for your marriage, which is weird. And maybe that is fundamentally weird, but so are our immigration laws and if you want to green card it’s a game you have to play!


One common misconception that couples have is that the relationship evidence they submit should be very dramatically romantic. Yes, hopefully every person that’s married has a few steamy or dramatic letters somewhere that are like, "OH MY GOSH, I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT YOU!!! You are the coolest, most beautifulest, most smartest, most amazing human being I have ever met!!!!" And it’s OK to sometimes use one or two pieces of evidence like that.


But if you think about it, if you have a real ongoing relationship with your spouse or fiance, the vast majority of your communication is not going to be like that. In fact, probably 95% of your interactions are pretty mundane:


“Hey Babes, can you get some milk on your way home?”


“Fluffy got sick on the carpet but I was late to work and couldn’t clean it up... sorry (sad emoji face)”


“Hey, what time will you be home?”


“The plumber will be there sometime between 8am - 2pm.”


You know, that kind of totally normal life stuff. So, if you include a lot of overly romantic evidence but you don’t include a lot of mundane evidence as well, it has a tendency to look fake even if it’s not. Do you find this a little bit contradictory to other advice you've gotten about bona fide relationship evidence to include with your I-130 or I-129F petition? Don’t worry – we can help you make your relationship look on paper as real life as it is in person!

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