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What NOT to Include in Your Relationship Evidence: #4 Freshly Minted Evidence




So if you’ve been reading our series on what not to include in your evidence of a bona fide relationship, you’re noticing that there are many, many, many ways to complicate your immigration case inadvertently based on what you submit. Today we’re going to talk about one type of bona fide evidence that most people don’t even realize can be a problem when preparing their cases or providing items to their lawyer. We like to call this “freshly minted evidence. “

There are plenty of things our clients bring us that would be excellent evidence… if only they hadn’t been obtained yesterday. Because let’s face it, anyone could open a joint bank account with someone and get on the same car insurance and get the same electric bill together and take photos together, etc. And if you did all those things yesterday, it’s sort of seems like you googled "what do I need for my immigration case to hide my fake relationship" and then took a day off with your fake spouse to complete the items on your list.


Relationship evidence actually hurts you if it appears that you have obtained it solely for the purpose of proving your relationship to the government. Yes, it sounds a little counter-intuitive because here they are asking for you to prove your relationship, but they might actually reject the relationship evidence you provide as artificial. But think about the goal behind their request for evidence: they want to see that people have a real relationship and it’s not just a scam to get Immigration papers for somebody. Most couples naturally build evidence of the relationship over time. At first maybe you just chatted online or sent messages. You started dating, sometimes you took pictures when you’re with friends or going places or on holidays. Maybe moved in together after certain point, some of the bills are in each of your names or you signed your new apartment lease together. Then you had your wedding, then you did vacations together and updated your information on each other ‘s tax forms at work and added each other on to insurance plans. Then when you got your new car both of you were listed on the car title.


Now everyone’s relationship trajectory is going to be different, but your immigration application ideally clearly illustrates the natural and non-suspicious trajectory of your relationship. Does that sound hard? Yeah, honestly it kind of is.  But that’s why we do this for you so that you don’t have to!
The good thing is that it’s all about showing why the story of your relationship fundamentally makes sense. That’s the key to getting that approval for your green card as smoothly as possible.




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