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What NOT to Include in Your Relationship Evidence:  #2 Political Opinions



Proving that a marriage is legitimate is a tricky balance. If you submit too little it looks like maybe you don’t have an actual relationship. If you submit too much,  it’s what’s called an "over-submission," which the government finds suspicious. And depending on what you submit, the officer reviewing the file can find a million rabbit holes to go down to investigate further. It’s easy to accidentally trigger further inquiry by the government even though your relationship is legit and you’re providing real documentation.


You also must consider that a real human being is reviewing your application and just like any of us, they have their own instinctive biases and dislikes. So, it’s best to avoid submitting items that might offend or turn off some officers. That is why we generally scrub our clients' applications of evidence that shows strong political opinions.


Don’t get us wrong: in United States expressing your political opinion is completely legal. However, photos of you and your spouse protesting current immigration policy is not necessarily a road you want to go down for no reason. Or even worse, something about your political opinion could potentially indicate an underlying ineligibility.


For example, we wouldn’t include anything about your activism for legalization of marijuana. Legal activism would not disqualify you from obtaining a green card but the use of marijuana could. If an officer sees that you are pro legalization, the natural question to follow that is if this person is or their spouse is against controlled substance laws as currently written, are they following the laws as they are currently written? And let’s say that you actually have never used marijuana or violated any US controlled substance laws, technically that makes you completely eligible for a green card but you just made the process to get there a whole lot harder for yourself!


Another political opinion that can get you into trouble is anything that sounds like you may be a fan of anarchist movements or other political or social movements which may have an interest in overthrowing the U.S. government. Because yes, immigration laws DO consider that a problem!

So hopefully your political opinions wouldn’t get you in trouble in United States but it’s still better to just not go there for purposes of your immigration application. We promise.




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