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Our Story

Indiana Immigration Law Group exists because of a sick little girl named Lena who needed a green card for her Papa.

Lena was born in the U.S. to an American mother and undocumented Guatemalan father. The family struggled to live their lives without a lawful status for her Papa. It was hard to find work, get an apartment, or travel, and they constantly feared for her Papa's safety.

The family consulted a lawyer who advised them to move to Guatemala for several years in order to be able to qualify for a green card. Feeling like they had no other options, Lena's parents decided to sell all of their belongings and move to Guatemala.

Just four months after arriving in Guatemala, Lena began to get sick and the family received a terrible diagnosis -- she had leukemia! Lena's mother took her back to the U.S. for treatment. Her father was not able to join them because he had no paperwork to enter the country.


When Lena and her Papa hugged and kissed each other goodbye at the airport in Guatemala City, the family had no idea whether Lena and her father would ever see each other again.

Once in the U.S., Lena and her mother lived in the hospital as she received intensive chemotherapy that destroyed her immune system. Lena's mother used the family's last dollar and borrowed money from family members to hire the best immigration lawyer she could find. 

It wasn't easy or fast, but the immigration lawyer won the case, and Lena and her Papa were reunited again. Lena survived her cancer, and her Papa became a U.S. citizen. And Lena's mother, Clare Corado, went to law school to become an immigration lawyer and started this law firm.

Our firm's approach to working with clients is built on this formative experience of our founder. Our attorneys and staff know how important your immigration case is. We know it's stressful. We'll do everything we can to help you through it and keep your family together.  

Are you ready to start your case? Do you value having an experienced legal team on your side?