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Assissted DIY Services

You're educated. You speak fluent English. You've filled out a form or two in your life. You've looked up the forms online you believe you need, and it doesn't look like it would take a genius to fill them out...

... but then again, you aren't sure what they mean on Question #34 ...

Lower cost + lower risk

How we can help

The vast majority of the questions on an immigration form are pretty straightforward. Full name? Date of birth? You got this.


Many people mistakenly believe that immigration attorneys fill out forms for a living. While it's true that forms are the language we speak to communicate with the government, our expertise is our understanding of what information needs to be conveyed in order to win your case. The real value of an attorney in an immigration case is that we've seen the process play out many, many times before and use that knowledge to guide and protect you along the way. We know the pitfalls to avoid and how to resolve the inevitable bureaucratic issues you'll get into. We know the upcoming steps so we can prepare ahead of time. We know the weird tricks about who to call and when to push for something and when to be patient.


If we're handling your entire case, your experience is likely to be much smoother than if you went it alone. Our clients tell us they feel a tremendous burden is lifted when they know they've outsourced their stress and headaches to us. School, family, and work demands mean they don't have hundreds of hours to spend online trying to piece together the correct steps to complete their case. 

For these reasons, we recommend hiring an attorney to handle your case if at all possible. However, we know it can be hard to hire an attorney if you're facing financial difficulty. That's why our attorneys make themselves available to DIY clients who can hire them on an hourly basis to get the specific advice they need. Certainly getting at least some assessment and direction is much better than going it completed alone! We also offer package solutions for some case types that include an attorney assessment of your eligibility, written DIY instructions, and attorney review of your application prior to filing.

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