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Green cards for married couples

We can help you build your future in the United States with the love of your life by your side.


There are many different ways that couples obtain green cards through their relationship. Selection of the appropriate strategy for your unique needs and timeframes is crucial. We've helped hundreds of couples walk down this road and would be honored to guide you as well.

Common case types

Adjustment of Status

If you are married or engaged to a United States citizen, are currently in the United States, and your last entry was with a visa, you may qualify to obtain your green card through an adjustment of status. There are also some less common ways for some immigrants to adjust their status even if their last entry was unlawful. Adjustment of status allows you to complete the entire process here without having to return to your home country for an interview.

Consular Processing

If you are married to a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, this might be the best option for you to apply for your green card. The most common reasons that an immigrant would need to consular process instead of adjusting their status are if they live in a foreign country or if they live in the United States but their last entry was unlawful. Consular processing is a multiple-step process that involves several offices with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services and the Department of State. It is extremely crucial that any immigrant considering leaving the United States for consular processing consult an immigration lawyer first to make sure they will be able to win their case and come back to the United States.

Direct File with Embassy

You may qualify for this option if you are married to a United States citizen, and both of you live in your home country but are planning to move to the United States together. This is a different method of obtaining a green card than consular processing because direct filing allows you to file everything with a U.S. Embassy rather than starting the application in the United States.

K3 Visa

If you are married to a United States citizen and live in your home country, your citizen spouse may be able to apply for a K3 visa to bring you to the United States faster than if you waited to consular process. However, if the current K3 processing times are long, it might not make sense to try for a K3. Our lawyers can help you decide whether this option might make sense for you.

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