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Disclaimer: The legal information on our website is provided without any representations or warranties, express or implied. No attorney-client relationship is created through the use of our website. All information on this site is of a general nature and should not be considered legal advice. Always consult our firm or another qualified immigration lawyer about your specific situation prior to taking any action in your case.

Expert Witness Services

Our attorneys are available to issue opinion letters and serve as expert witnesses. We have experience in a wide variety of legal and non-legal settings.

Examples of prior services rendered

Media Interviews

Need an expert's commentary on immigration issues or politics? Our attorneys have been interviewed on television and the radio as well as for documentaries, newspapers, and magazines. Attorneys are available anytime at no cost to be interviewed by the media in English or Spanish. 


Attorneys in many practice areas may require proof of a client's immigration status or an opinion about how a client's status could change in the future. Divorce proceedings, child custody disputes, and claims for lost wages are a few case types for which our attorneys have been consulted. We offer written opinions and are available for deposition or testimony. 

"Padilla" letters for criminal defense attorneys

In the landmark case Padilla vs. Kentucky, the U.S. Supreme Court set a high bar for attorneys representing immigrant clients in criminal matters. Padilla was a green card holder, and his attorney had advised him that taking a guilty plea for drug trafficking "may" result in his deportation. However, the immigration consequences of the plea were unambiguous in that particular situation; that guilty plea was certain to result in his deportation. The Court found that the attorney had a duty to advise his client that he would be deported if he took the plea. 

It is difficult for a good criminal defense attorney to have time to keep up with the changing immigration laws. More and more attorneys are protecting themselves from malpractice by requiring their clients to obtain opinion letters from immigration attorneys. We are available to provide these letters. In many cases, we also work with criminal defense attorneys to tweak plea agreements to minimize the immigration consequences to their clients.

Employer or driver's license letters

Many immigrants face misunderstandings when dealing with local and state government officials as well as their employers. Immigration laws are complex, and the party the client is dealing with may be understandably perplexed by the client's immigration status. We've provided letters to clients to help them overcome erroneous denials of driver's licenses and marriage licenses. We've helped clients clarify for their employers that they are legally authorized to work, as well as to explain foreign travel restrictions inherent in their particular status.

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