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USCIS officers have a tough job – they must decide whether someone is in a real marriage just by looking at some documents and then talking to the couple for about 20 minutes. Many of them have developed a super sharp intuitive ability to spot fake relationships. At th...

If you're engaged and starting to look ahead to the fiance visa process, you're probably wondering what the visa journey will look like. There are three different main phases of paperwork to be completed when applying for a K1 fiance visa. Read on for all of the highli...

So you met someone you want to marry. Congratulations! That’s the hard part. Well, that’s part of the hard part. If your fiance is not a US citizen, the other hard part is getting through the immigration process so that you can live together in the United States perman...

There are several factors that Immigration looks at when deciding if a couple is really married -- what is referred to as a bona fide relationship -- or if it is just a scam or a friend helping a friend. One of the main indicators of a real relationship is that the cou...

Let’s face it: it’s kind of weird to have to prove on paper that you have a real marriage. We all see collection of evidence on crime drama TV shows, and it almost feels like you’re doing the same for your marriage, which is weird. And maybe that is fundamentally weird...

We’re pretty sure there’s a prankster working at U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services who has orchestrated the release of a new marijuana use policy update on the eve of 4/20, a day traditionally celebrated by cannabis aficionados.

Although we chuckled when we saw...

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June 4, 2019

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